The Writing Disorder Fall 2013 -“Job’s Body”, “A Meditation on the Nature of This Illness”, “Machine”

The Wayfarer Winter 2014- “Origin”

Transfer Winter 2014-  “Dream of a Glass Bulb”

and/or Fall 2014- “Continuous Series”

Transfer Magazine Fall 2014- “Hexagram 34” Winner of the Mark Linethal Poetry Award

S/Word Summer 2014- “God Of Trees”

OccuPoetry Issue 4 Fall 2014- “Imperfect Machine”

"Red Bird," broadside display. Seeds and Cultures/Semillas y Culturas conference. Woodland Community College, Woodland, CA. October, 18, 2014.

Switchback #20, Winter 2014, “Yellow Springs, Ohio”

Fjords Review Spring 2015, “Metonymy”

Lumina March 2015, “Music For Cigarettes

New American Writing Summer 2015, “Loving Series”

Transfer Fall 2015 “The Materials” Winner of the Mark Linethal Poetry Award

Your Impossible Voice Summer 2016. “Veils” , August 25, 2016 “False Song For Robert Creeley”